PolarLight - the Modern Alternative to Glass Blocks

PolarLight is a new company offering a customised offsite pre-framed lightweight alternative to heavy glass blocks. Designed with traditional glass block designs, they create a simple privacy in settings where natural light is a must. PolarLight Acrylic Blocks alleviate many of the problems associated with heavy glass block constructions.

PolarLight Makes it Easy

Compare the PolarLight 3-step installation process with the 16-step Glass Block process.

New Low-E Energy Efficient Acrylic Block

low-e energy efficient acrylic block more energy efficient than standard glass block

Our ULTRA Low-E™ blocks are up to 55% more energy efficient than standard glass block... read more

polarlight acrylic block lightweight alternative to glass block


  • Prefabricated offsite build means easy to install.
  • No wet trades.
  • Ultraviolet light inhibitors prevent fading / discoloring.
  • Patented Breathing Method™ gives superior performance.
  • Impact & chemical resistant
  • Privacy & peace of mind
  • External and internal use.