Panel Installation

Our lightweight preframed panels can be installed in a fraction of the time of glass blocks.

PolarLight is an offsite build - for example the panel pictured on the left would take approximately 25 minutes to install. And NO wet trades! A similar size glass block panel would take up to 2.5 days!

Ready to Install Panels

Our block panels are delivered completely framed and ready to install. They can be installed by screwing the nail fins on the frame to wooden batons in stud walls. They can be fixed to block-work using standard window ties in a similar way that new uPVC windows are installed. If using the panel as a partition with an exposed edge, our flat endcap can also be used for fixing. The endcap can be screwed to a flat surface, such as a tiled wall, and the panel will snap securely into it.

Compare PolarLight Acrylic Block with Glass Block Installation

levellingWhy make things difficult for yourself by using glass blocks? Compare the 3-step PolarLight installation process with the 16-step glass block installation process!!! Read more.

installing acrylic block panel - lighter than glass block