Lightweight Acrylic Block Panels

PolarLight acrylic block panels/windows are 75% lighter than glass block constructions, allowing them to be installed where the use of glass block is impossible and where the weight of glass block is prohibitive.

Glass block is extremely heavy, often causing cracks in the mortar joints, especially those near doorways. The weight can also cause leaks between the blocks and the frame. Glass block panels greater than two blocks wide or two blocks high require the support of a steel rod grid.

Along with the substantial load of the glass blocks and the steel rods, the mortar adds a significant amount of extra weight. Therefore, a glass block panel requires a very firm foundation. Not so with PolarLight Acrylic Panels/Windows.

There are many situations where it is difficult to install glass block. For example, where you would require structural support on upper floors to take the weight of glass blocks, PolarLight acrylic block panels/windows would be a convenient alternative.

installing an acrylic block panel 75% lighter than glass block constructions