Technical Data

Polarlight Acrylic Block Panels/Windows are manufactured from high grade Acrylic Pellets to a unique formula in compliance with European and American Standards including:

  • Impact Resistance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Severe Weather
  • Air Infiltration
  • Water Penetration
  • Uniform Load/Structural
  • Sound Insulation Values 26dB

Impact Resistance

  • Tested by the British Standards Institute under the conditions of BS6206 Safety Glass Class B (remained intact)
  • Tested to US safety glazing standard – ANSI Z97.1

Fire Standards

  • Tested to British Standard BS476 Part 7 (Surface Spread of Flame) Class 3
  • Tested to US standard - ASTM D635-91 (rate of burning)
  • Tested to US standard – ASTMD1929-91 (ignition temperature)

Energy Efficiency

  • U value – 3.12 W/M2K (35% more efficient than glass block)
  • Low E option also available with a U value of 2.27 W/M2K
  • When 'drop glazed' into uPVC with windows these values will lower depending on the efficiency of the uPVC frame.

Accelerated Weathering

  • Tested to US standard - G155-00a (5,000 hours)

Air Infiltration

  • Exceeds US standard - ASTM E283 (1.57 PSF) (zero infiltration)

Water Penetration

  • Tested to US standards – ASTM E547 & E331 (10.5 PSF) (no leakage)

Uniform Load Structural

  • Tested to US standard – ASTM E330 (+-67.5 PSF) (no damage)

Forced Entry Resistance

  • Tested to US standards – ASTM F588 & F842

Light Transmission

  • Tested to US standard – ASTM D-1003

Patent Breathing Method

  • This technology alleviates any stress buildup from normal expansion and contraction due to daily environmental and weather changes.


  • Indicative test 26dB

UV Protected

Ultra violet inhibitors are built into the high quality acrylic used in manufacturing PolarLight acrylic block panel/windows, protecting them from yellowing and ageing over time.

ANSI – American National Standards Institute
ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials

acrylic block panel strength - as safe and as strong as standard glass block